Medicare Hospital Compare

Compare Hospitals With Medicare’s New Online Tool has recently launched a new tool that will make it easier for Medicare beneficiaries to choose the best hospital for their care. With this new tool, users can browse and compare hospitals in their area, seeing information such as patient ratings, response statistics for certain medical concerns, readmission rates, and more.

Medicare’s Hospital Compare

If you are having a medical emergency,

Medicare Preauthorization

Medicare To Require Pre-Approval for Certain Medical Devices

Starting Feb. 28, Medicare will require pre-approval for some of the most commonly used home medical supplies, including oxygen, sleep apnea gear, and related equipment. The change comes as a response to a large amount of system abuse, and hopes to scale back inflated claims.

Savings for Medicare; Concerns for Beneficiaries and Providers

Medicare anticipates that savings from this initiative will save upwards of $10 million over the course of 2016.

Medicare Open Enrollment Ends Dec 7

Don’t Wait- Medicare Open Enrollment Ends Dec 7th

If you’ve been holding off on enrolling in a new Medicare plan, you may not want to put things off much longer- the Open Enrollment period is ending in just two weeks, on December 7th.

Medicare Advantage and Part D Open Enrollment

Unlike Original Medicare, which is administered by the federal government,

Medicare Part D Prescription Plans

Medicare Spending on Hepatitis C Medications to Pass $9 Billion This Year

Medicare’s spending on breakthrough medications for hepatitis C is expected to double this year, passing $9 billion, according to new government figures. The drastic increase in spending is expected to raise insurance costs for all beneficiaries, whether or not they have the liver-wasting viral disease.

Medications for Hepatitis C to Account for Nearly 7% of Part D Spending in 2015

New cost estimates indicate that Medicare Part D,

Medicare Open Enrollment Starts Today

Medicare Open Enrollment Begins Today

Medicare’s annual open enrollment period begins today, Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7.

What is Medicare Open Enrollment?

Medicare Open Enrollment is the yearly opportunity for those anyone who has not yet enrolled in Medicare to sign up for coverage (outside of an individual’s Initial Enrollment Period). Current Medicare recipients are also able change their insurance plans during this time with no penalty.

Medicare Advantage

Is there a difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part C?

A question commonly asked by Washington residents who are new to Medicare is, “What’s the difference between Medicare Part C and Medicare Advantage?” and the answer is, there isn’t! Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part C are different names for the same type of Medicare insurance plans.

Medicare Advantage plans, aka Medicare Part C plans,

Washington Medicare Hospital

36 Hospitals in Washington State Fined by Medicare for High Readmission Rates

Washington Medicare Patients Returning to Hospitals After Treatment

36 hospitals in the State of Washington were fined this year due to high readmission rates of Medicare patients, according to data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This an increase since last year, when 34 Washington hospitals received a fine.

The fine is a percentage (maximum of 3%) of payment for every Medicare patient they see from Oct.

Yelp Medicare Information

Medicare Data Coming to Yelp Hospital Reviews.

In addition to reviews written by users, you can now see now information about doctors’ communication skills, room noise levels, and emergency room wait times on the Yelp pages for hospitals, nursing centers, and dialysis centers.

Utilizing Data from Medicare

ProPublica, the Pulitzer Prize winning non-profit investigative group, will provide quarterly updates on health services at 4,600 hospitals,