Medicare Out-of-Pocket Costs You Should Expect To Pay

Medicare Out-of-Pocket Costs You Should Expect To Pay

Medicare provides health insurance to most older Americans, but there are still expenses that have to be paid out-of-pocket. Medicare has a complicated set of rules that can be difficult to understand. So here are some of the expenses you can expect with Medicare:

Medicare Premiums

The standard Medicare Part B premium is $104.90 per month in 2016,

What You Need to Know About Medigap

What You Need to Know About Medigap

Medigap, or the Medicare Supplemental plan, is extra health insurance that you can buy from a private company to pay health care costs that are not covered by Original Medicare (Parts A & B), such as co-payments, deductibles, and health insurance if you travel outside the U.S. Medigap policies do not cover long-term care such as stays in a nursing facility,

Medicare Open Enrollment Ends Dec 7

Don’t Wait- Medicare Open Enrollment Ends Dec 7th

If you’ve been holding off on enrolling in a new Medicare plan, you may not want to put things off much longer- the Open Enrollment period is ending in just two weeks, on December 7th.

Medicare Advantage and Part D Open Enrollment

Unlike Original Medicare, which is administered by the federal government,

Medicare Open Enrollment Starts Today

Medicare Open Enrollment Begins Today

Medicare’s annual open enrollment period begins today, Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7.

What is Medicare Open Enrollment?

Medicare Open Enrollment is the yearly opportunity for those anyone who has not yet enrolled in Medicare to sign up for coverage (outside of an individual’s Initial Enrollment Period). Current Medicare recipients are also able change their insurance plans during this time with no penalty.

Medicare Advantage

Is there a difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part C?

A question commonly asked by Washington residents who are new to Medicare is, “What’s the difference between Medicare Part C and Medicare Advantage?” and the answer is, there isn’t! Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part C are different names for the same type of Medicare insurance plans.

Medicare Advantage plans, aka Medicare Part C plans,

Traveling With Medicare

Traveling to or from Washington State? Medicare Plans vary so here’s what you need to know.

While you may not know your specific travel plans when you enroll in Medicare, just knowing that you plan on traveling can make a big impact on which Medicare plan is best for you.

Traveling Within the U.S. With a Medicare Advantage Plan

Many Medicare Advantage plans do not cover travel within the United States,

Medicare Enrollment: 6 Biggest Enrollment Mistakes Boomers Make

Mistake 1: Signing up too early or too late for Medicare and its parts

If you are aging into Medicare, your Initial Enrollment Period is based on your 65th birthday. To avoid long-term penalties, make sure you know what you have to choose—and by when. If you or your spouse are still working when you turn 65 and your insurance meets certain requirements,