Tips of Avoid the Flu

Tips of Avoid the Flu

Seniors, children, and caregivers are the most likely to contract the flu, so it’s important that precautionary steps are taken to avoid the flu. Seniors tend to have weaker immune systems, making the flu especially dangerous, often leading to pneumonia. But even with these weaker immune systems, there are still things you can do to reduce your chances of getting the flu. Here are tips to avoid the flu this season.

  1. Get Your Flu Shot
  2. By getting the flu shot, you are reducing your chances of getting the flu. And if you end up with the flu even with the flu shot, it reduces the severity of your flu symptoms.

  3. Wash Your Hand A Lot
  4. Washing your hands throughout the day can kill cold and flu germs and prevent them from spreading. You don’t need to use antibacterial soap, just use regular soap and rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds.

  5. Keep Exercising
  6. Exercising boosts your immune system and can reduce your risk of getting the flu. This doesn’t need to be a rigorous exercise. Just a small amount of any exercise will do. Here are some exercise ideas you can do today.

  7. Stop Touching Your Face
  8. Touching your face is commonly how cold and flu germs spread and enter the body. Try to be aware of where your hands are so you can avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.

  9. Avoid Sick People
  10. During the flu season, you should avoid being around sick people so you don’t catch what they have. Avoid crowds as well since there are likely to be people who are sick in a crowd.

  11. Drink Lots of Water
  12. Drinking water or hot tea can help keep your nasal passages moist, which traps germs there instead of them spreading throughout the body.

  13. Intake More Vitamin C
  14. A little extra Vitamin C can help reduce your chances of getting the flu. Check with your doctor with how much you should take, whether it be through foods or a supplement.

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