what to do during your first year with medicare

What To Do During Your First Year With Medicare

You may think that after you sign up and choose your coverage for Medicare that you’re done, but there are still a few things that you should do within your first year of having Medicare. Here’s a list to help you get started.

  1. Fill Out An Authorization Form

  2. If you ever want your friends and family to call Medicare on your behalf then you’ll have to fill out an authorization form. Medicare can’t give out personal health information about you or anyone unless you give permission in writing first.

  3. Make a “Welcome to Medicare” Preventative Visit

  4. During your first 12 months of having Medicare, you’ll get a free one-time preventative care doctor’s visit. The “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam gives you the opportunity to get a check-up and get a run-down of all the prevention benefits you may be entitled to. It’s also a nice way to get into the Medicare system and create a prevention and health promotion plan with your doctor that you may not have had to chance to do prior to signing up for Medicare.

  5. Sign Up For

  6. By signing up for you can access your personal Medicare information at any time. A few of the things you can do are:

    • Track your health care claims
    • View your “Medicare Summary Notices” (MSNs)
    • Order a replacement Medicare Card
    • Check your Medicare Part B deductible status
    • View your eligibility information
    • Track your preventive services
    • Keep your Medicare information in one convenient place
  7. Learn What Medicare Covers

  8. You’ll get a list of tests, items, and services that are covered no matter where you live. If your test, item, or service isn’t listed, talk to your doctor or other health care provider about why you need certain tests, items, or services, and ask if Medicare will cover them.

  9. Decide if You Want to Go Paperless

  10. Instead of receiving all the information needed in the mail, you can opt to receive it through email.

Medicare Plans Washington

If you are nearing or already 65 and would like more information on Medicare Plans in Washington State, please visit our Overview of Medicare, as well as our guide for those who are New to Medicare. For assistance in choosing a Medicare plan, contact us to get in touch with a licensed insurance agent today!

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